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Is there anyone else out there that feels like they have a connection with the lovely royal couple? Because seriously? My husband and I got married April 30, 2010, they got married April 29, 2011. My birthday was yesterday and today the duchess is in labor with the royal baby? ps. My name is Diana. I mean, c’mon! C’MON. Ha. ;)

kate middleton

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 1st wedding anniversary

on a totally different note I’m feeling rather random today. would you guys mind in indulging me with another list?

-Are you guys on snapchat? I’m so obsessed. OBSESSED. It is so much fun. And I realize that to the young folks, snapchat is old news, but for this mature lady (haha, omg – sad face) it is brand new!

-Did you guys see what happened on Chipotle’s tweets? SO FREAKING HILARIOUS.

-I took this ‘which foods is healthier’ quiz and got 1 wrong. I’m so mad. I coulda been a contender!

-below is a sneak peek of what will be posted about later thsi week or next! and it might be on a new blog!! (i.e squarespace) if I can work out the kinks. I am really remembering just how much i love it. EEK!

lighthouse montauk

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3 thoughts on “stream of consciousness

    • Wait, wha? Your feedly doesn’t update square space blogs? I follow a few ppl on there and their feeds update pretty well. Maybe they use a different client for their feeds? I’m actually considering using one too were I to move. But I think the ones I follow just use their regular feeds. I’m gonna have to do some diggin! I had no idea that feeds for square space didnt work! How rude! Lol.  — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

      On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 10:52 PM, Short and Sweetly

    • So I contacted squarespace about this feedly thing and according to them, you should be able to sub via any reader. :) I also confirmed that my blog (since it’s still in trial mode) isn’t subscrib-able at the moment. :(

      I hope the blogs you subscribe to work in feedly soon! :)

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