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my favorite flowers (calalily) from the husband
throwback thursday: husband edition – ha!
family take one
family take twoIMG_1383

iced sparkling plum tea (and yes, it tasted as good as it sounded)

left: calamari and seasoned fries || right: soy miso wings

strolling the upper east side

pretty buildings the upper east side

It’s been weeks (maybe even months) since my youngest brother, Dominic, first told me about Mad For Chicken. We would be chatting about nothing in particular and I would veer off topic (as I am wont to do) which inevitably led to me talking about my love of Korean dramas. I would wax poetic about possibly visiting Seoul in the future and longingly sigh about whether or not I would find someone to go with me to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Koreatown. Incidentally, Koreatown is a pretty fun place. It is a few blocks in the lower 30′s (31st through 33rd street actually) bordered by 5th Avenue & Avenue of the Americas. It is so surprising what little gems this city hides, you just have to know where to look for it. Or get lucky. Ha.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah… my conversation with Dom. So… then my brother usually sighs with feeling (we’re good at sighing – this family of mine) and would then say, “Seriously Ate (note 1), what have I been telling you? The best chicken wings I’ve ever eaten are from this Korean BBQ place in Flushing, Queens (note 2).”

To which I responded with the question, “What was the name of that place again?”

Never you mind that he’s probably told me this multiple times already.

“Mad for Chicken!” he’d exclaim.

Then he would gently suggest that we go eat there. In any case, we would always nod and say, “Ok, maybe next time.”

Eventually the gentleness became aggressive cajoling because we never ended up going.

Apparently, ‘next time’ was last Friday.

By the way, I’m paraphrasing our conversations. This is the basic gist of it because clearly it would be impossible for me to remember all of those conversations (and there were lots) word for word.

***drum roll please…***

Have you ever bit into any kind of wing (buffalo or bbq) and experience a crunch that has nothing to do with the wing being overcooked? No? Well… look no further because this place has far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed, not that it takes much, but well, wow. Words cannot adequately express how good every single dish we ordered was. The calamari came with the most flavorful seasoned fries I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. What about the wings, you ask? Oh freaking em gee. They were SO crunchy and the soy miso glaze they seasoned the wings with was flipping fantastic!

In fact, my brothers and I are thinking of making Friday Mad for Chicken nights. Ha! On a related note, do you guys see my drink pictured above? I actually ordered it because of the name. All I’m going to say about this is: Damn I’m good. Perfect. Choice. The service was impeccable too. Our poor waiter had to figure out what to do with some cash and 3 credit cards, but he was ever gracious. It really was a fabulous choice for Hector’s birthday dinner (a day late).

ps. We topped off the night with some ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Talk about #winning. Am I right? ;)
pps. Apologies for the poor quality of my pictures. I’m a lazy bum who has no motivation to carry around my DSLR any longer, so iPhone it is.

note 1: (Ate, which is pronounced ah-teh, is a respectful term for older sister in  the Filipino culture.)
note 2: (There are two locations of Mad For Chicken in New York: 1 is in Koreatown in Manhattan and the other is in Flushing, Queens.)

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